About The Book Stack

The Book Stack is a blog dedicating to exclusively reviewing books by marginalized peoples. This includes, but isn’t limited to, authors of color, queer authors, disabled, and neurodiverse authors. 

About Reviews

  • The significant amount of the books reviewed at The Book Stack are sent by publishers or authors in exchange for an honest review. If an ARC or finished copy was solicited for reviewing, this will be noted in a disclaimer at the end of the review.
  • At the end of reviews, I will often include links to where the book can be purchased. I receive no monetary compensation for any clicks nor any portion of a purchase made as a result of clicking a link. They are only included for convenience.
  • These reviews are written to help other readers decide whether they would enjoy a book. Thus, reviews will always contain truthful opinions of the book, no matter whether it was gifted or purchased. 

For details regarding my review policy or to submit your book for consideration, please see the review request form.