Hiatus Announcement & Changes Coming

You may (or may not) have noticed little coming from this blog recently in terms of content, this is because I’ve been focused on changing up the site. In all this restructuring, I’ve decided that I’m going to just dive in headfirst and get all the things done in one go. For this reason, it’s going to remain a little quite here through the end of October. Scheduled reviews will go up as planned, but there won’t be anything else. So, what’s changing?

  • Blog content. As of September 1, I will only be posting reviews of books by authors of color, queer authors, disabled authors, neurodiverse authors, and indie authors (small press or self-published). To put it simply, all marginalized humans welcome. This isn’t a horribly drastic change, but one I’m pleased with making.
  • Content warnings. All forthcoming reviews will include content warnings. This change is going to eat up most of the month, as I update all previous reviews (on here and Goodreads) to include CWs.
  • Review policy. This will be overhauled for clarity, and to reflect the changes mentioned above. Any ARCs sent to me directly will be required to include a list of content warnings from now on.
  • Review request form. This will be updated for clarity and to include fields for CWs and authors to include their preferred pronouns.
  • And probably even more. 

I’ll still be keeping up on everyone else’s reviews and lurking in the void of twitter dot com so don’t miss me too much!