Review Policy

I am no longer accepting review requests for 2019, any requests submitted will not be reviewed until the beginning of January 2020.

Review Policy

Acceptable Genres

I have a preference for science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, and thrillers, but I will not rule out a book outright because it is outside of these genres. I’m also open to reviewing nonfiction, poetry collections, and graphic novels. The only genres I do not accept for review are horror, erotica, memoir, and women’s fiction/chick lit. I’ll also note here that I tend to heavily favor books with diverse casts of characters and own voices stories.

Acceptable Formats

Hardcovers, paperbacks, and ebooks (ePub, mobi, or PDF) are all suitable for review, but I cannot accept audio books. Given the choice, I prefer physical copies. I tend to read them at a quicker pace since I don’t have to worry about the eye strain that comes with staring at a screen.

Review Timing

A significant factor in determining whether I accept a book for review is timing. I schedule all posts at least three months in advance, and with any less notice I will be squeezing requests in between others that have already planned. If you need a review published on or by a specific day, please note this in the comments section of the form below.

If you have questions with respect to any aspects of this policy or submitting a book for review, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Submit Request

This form is to be used by authors, agents, or publicists soliciting books for review. For all other inquiries, please use the general contact form. Before submitting, take a moment to read the above policy. Please allow up to one week for me to review each submission and inform you of my decision via email.